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Interactive Italy attractions map with all the hot spots you might need in Milan and around

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Traveling to Italy?

Imagine having your private virtual travel planner with the actual information about all the places you might possibly need from experienced travel guides and Italy specialists in a convenient digital format

Confusing opening timings, mazes of narrow old streets, unusual food choices, crowds of tourists and hours of online search


5 minutes to plan what to see, where to go and what to eat. Direct access to what’s around

What’s inside?
10 interactive maps for the price of 1!

Places for lunch
Placed for dinner
Coffee shops
Historical places, attractions
Souvenir shops
Best night life spots

How does Italy attractions map work ?

You get the link with the map

You see whats around your location or choose a place manually

You see whats around your location or choose a place manually

You chose the map you need or see all of them in one and select the place you need

Why our Italy attractions map and not a free information you can find online?


Our map is developed by one of the leading concierge services in Italy, so you will get all the insider information and locations

Up to date

We developed this map in 2023, so no outdated information. All the new hot spots are in

Easy to use

Our map automatically integrates with your Google maps, so you can see whats around, how to get there from your present location, etc.


For the price of 1 interactive map of Milan you get 10:
  • Places for lunch 50€
  • Placed for dinner 50€
  • Coffee shops 50€
  • Museums 50€
  • Shopping 50€
  • Historical places 50€
  • Souvenir shops 50€
  • Best night life spots 50€
  • Experiences 50€
  • Hotels 50€

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