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Difficulties faced by many


How to apply and visa or get an invitation to Italy? How to get documents quickly in Italy? What documents do I need to get a residence permit?


Having a hard time choosing where to vacation in Italy? No time to search for the best hotel and Michelin restaurant? Need to organize a wedding, but it's too long to do it yourself?


Find the right Italy vacation deals, learn about the city and its neighborhoods, choose a school for your children, a health clinic or call a plumber. How can you be sure of your choice?


I have studied many sources about Italy, got a lot of information, but it is contradictory on different sites. I want to know how to do exactly the right thing.

Our services

Over the years of experience of the company we know by personal example how to start a life in Italy. We have been living and working in Italy for more than 10 years

We help both those who are just planning to move to Italy and those who have already settled down in Italy.

We know exactly how to adapt in Italy, how to do business in Italy from scratch and how to feel protected firsthand.

We provide one-off consultations to help you with one-off issues. As well as turnkey services to make you feel relaxed and confident.


ITALIATUT helps clients to organize vacations and trips, find itineraries, book transportation and accommodation, documents, excursions, transfers and Italy vacation deals.


We help with relocation and adaptation in a new place, help in finding housing, paperwork. Also search for schools, medical institutions and other issues.

Services to legal entities

We help you in starting a business in Italy, consulting, company registration, search for premises and more. We help to avoid mistakes and reduce the time to start a business.

Services for local people

Concierge service in Italy, starting an individual business, assistance with documents, organizing holidays and unforgettable tours to Italy

About us

My name is Elizaveta Evlonskaya

10 years ago I went the same way – I was choosing a university, studying the language and preparing to move, but I did it all on my own – back then no one could give me precise instructions and answer my questions. Now there is a lot of information, but often it is contradictory – some data have changed, some are outdated.

Entering a university in Italy is considered unrealistic by many people, but I have been proving the opposite for 10 years. Now I am in Italy, with 2 higher education degrees, citizenship and my own business.

For 7 years I have been helping applicants from different CIS countries to enter Italian universities and I can say for sure – it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and competent support will help you to fulfill your dream easily and successfully.

Advantages of
living in Italy

With so many years of living in Italy, we know what it means to live the Dolce vita every day.

Besides the incredible climate, mentality, Italian food and sights of Italy that make you truly happy, there are tons of other important benefits.

But how incredible to anticipate a new life in sunny Italy, daily walks in historical places, drinking real Italian wine and Italian pizza and more Italy vacation deals!


Italy is a paradise for developers, engineers, entrepreneurs and a host of other destinations. Italy combines a balance of enjoyment and work


Thanks to the Italians' ability to deny themselves nothing, harmony is born, whether in the Italian countryside or on the seaside you will enjoy life

Family life

Despite the hot temperament of Italians, getting married is always about serious intentions. Getting married in Italy means an almost unbreakable union and love


Stability affects not only the character of the local, but also reflects on the political situation and economic development. In Italy, everything always runs smoothly
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By obtaining an Italian visa you can travel to all Schengen countries without additional visas and formalities.
Enjoy Italian luxury while we take care of everything else

Our advantages


More than 200 satisfied expatriates, tourists, businessmen and locals in Italy. No need to inquire about enrollment with one company, research the city with another, and look for lawyers with a third – we provide a full turnkey service


In order to contact our company, it is enough to know Russian or English. We can help both with knowledge of the Italian language and with any issue on the territory of Italy


We value the trust of our clients and tell you in detail about all the steps of emigration, what difficulties you may encounter when enrolling in a university in Italy or starting your own business. Each service is accompanied by a contract

Get a consultation

Information consultation

  • general information about Italy
  • emigration information
  • event information
  • hotel information
  • educational information

Organizational consultation

  • Finding, booking and paying for an apartment
  • vacation planning
  • buying tickets to concerts, museums, soccer, theater, etc.
  • applying to Italian universities or a residence permit organization
  • organization of events, gatherings, meetings, holidays, etc.

Legal consultation

  • marriage in Italy
  • document execution
  • obtaining residence permit and residence permit
  • legal entity opening
  • and many other issues

Our clients say

Поступление в Италию

Need 24/7 concierge service or Italy vacation deals?

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Many people dream of getting into the best universities in Italy, and we turn dreams into reality

Excursions and Tours

We help you fall in love with Italy and discover the sights of Italy

Residence Permit

We help you get the coveted residence permit quickly and assess all possibilities for successful obtaining it

Real Estate

Renting, buying and even buying at auction will only be a worthwhile investment for you, not a problem


Gathering documents, executing, signing and certifying will cease to be something long and agonizing

Concierge 24/7

If you can entrust household matters to a professional and do what you love, why deny yourself?

Blog about Italy

best restaurants in milan

Best vegan restaurants in Milan

The capital of Lombardy actually has a really big selection of purely vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Besides the traditional places that have a few options for non-meat eaters, there are some awesome spots that are worth checkin’ out. First up is Ghea, Govinda, an Indian vegetarian joint. Then there’s Joia, already a famous haute cuisine restaurant by Pietro Lehmann. And don’t forget Mudra, the new project that’s got everyone excited. Here’s the rundown of the best restaurants in Milan.   Best restaurants in Milan. Top 10 Capra e Cavoli     Capra e cavoli, Via Pastrengo, 18, Milan, Tel. 02 87066093   Number one on the list is Capra e Cavoli on Via Pastrengo. They’ve got fish dishes too, but their vegetarian offerings are super impressive. The chefs change up the menu every day, keepin’ it fresh. Plus, they’ve got this cute little winter garden that’ll put a smile on your face. And the wine list is real interesting with vintage natural wines.   Alhambra Ristoveg     Alhambra Ristoveg, Via San Gregorio 17, Milan, Tel. 02 39432750   For a familiar vibe and no-fuss dishes, head to Alhambra Ristoveg. They’ve got a buffet with all sorts of goodies, but their specialty is the vegetarian seitan cutlet. And make sure to try the pudding, flour chowder, falafel, and their variety of puree soups. It is rightfully among the best restaurants in Milan. Also among the best restaurants in Milan.   Universo Vegano. Best restaurants in milan     Universo Vegano, Via Solferino, 41, Milan, Tel. 02 62087103   If you’re into franchising, you gotta hit up Universo Vegano. They’ve got all sorts of stuff from burgers to vegan pizza to salads and veggie lasagna. You can even buy some goodies here. They’ve got another location in Ticinese too.   Flower Burger     Flower Burger, Via Vigevano 6, Milan, Tel. 02 23054439   For some quick and creative eats, Flower Burger is the place to be. They make these awesome burgers outta lentils, tofu, and seitan. The decor is floral and totally fits the healthy food philosophy. They’re also in Rome and Monza if you’re in the area. It is rightfully among the best restaurants in Milan.   Mantra Raw Vegan     Mantra Raw Vegan, Via Panfilo Castaldi 21, Milan, Tel. 02 89058575   Now, if you’re lookin’ for something a bit more extreme, check out Mantra Raw Vegan. This place is for the hardcore vegans and raw eaters. Don’t go in thinkin’ it’s all salads and seeds though. They pay a lotta attention to detail and make dishes that please the palate. Enjoy best restaurants in Milan.   Noi Due     Noi Due, viale Col di Lana, 1, Milan, Tel. 02 58101593   Want a small and simple spot with homemade cuisine? Noi Due is the spot for you. They use natural products and don’t mess with freezing, preservatives, or microwaves. It’s a go-to for many vegans and vegetarians in Milan.   Cibò     Cibò, Via Maiocchi 26, Milan, Tel. 02 29514295   Cibò is the place to hit up for a quick bite or a casual dinner. You can even buy groceries here. They take the Mediterranean tradition and transform it for a microbiotic vegan diet. Cereals, veggies, legumes, soy, and they’ve got wines, beers, and eco-drinks too.   V3Raw     V3Raw, Via Spallanzani 16, Milan, Tel. 02 29514295   If you’re all about healthy food, V3Raw is your jam. It’s the spot for sporty Milanese folks who care about what they put in their bodies. The menu has seasonal fruits, non-fat yogurt, vegetable juices, smoothies, and salads.   Veggy Days     Veggy Days, Via Carlo Farini, 40, Milan, Tel. 02 39467833   Veggy Days is a mix between fast food and a minimarket. You can get meals to eat there or take away, and they’ve got aperitifs too. They’ve got vegetarian lasagnas, burgers, pasta, and more. They’re all over the place with branches in Florence, Rome, Trento, Pesaro, and more.   Radicetonda     Radicetonda, Piazza Buozzi, 5, Milan, Tel. 02 36736669   Last but not least, Radicetonda offers vegan dishes made with local products. They’ve got soups, first courses, side dishes, seitan, and even molecular food. They’ve got another location in Porta Venezia too. Alright, that’s the lowdown on the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Milan.

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michelin star restaurants milan

Michelin star restaurants Milan

The top Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan are some of the most beautiful and famous in the city. However, the most interesting establishments in the world are represented here. Today we invite you to visit with us the Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan. From Tokuyoshi (Takeshi) in Via San Calocero to Enrico Bartolini in MUDEC. We present you the best places according to the locals. They are noted in the Michelin Guide for serving the best dishes in Italy. Tokuyoshi Tokuyoshi stands out among the Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan. It is located on the central Via San Calogero, just a few steps from Corso Genova. One of Yoji Takeshi’s restaurants was awarded 1 Michelin star this year. His experience in leading restaurants allowed him to open his own restaurant with dishes inspired by Italian and Japanese cuisine. Joia The list of Michelin restaurants in Milan includes one that has been awarded 1 Michelin star. Joia is located in Via Panfilo Castaldi. It is a refined vegetarian restaurant with a stylish oriental design, where you can enjoy typical Mediterranean dishes reinterpreted in an eclectic way, paying attention to the gastronomic traditions of international cuisine. Iyo Among the 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan, this is the restaurant with the richest offer of oriental cuisine. Located in via Piero della Francesca, Iyo offers a variety of dishes, from creative classics from the Land of the Rising Sun to desserts decorated with delicate European delicacies. Tano passami l’olio Tano passami l’olio, on Via Villoresi, is one of the many short-lived restaurants in the Navigli district. It has been awarded 1 Michelin star. It is included in the list of “Michelin restaurants in Milan”, not only for the elegance of the interior, but also for the originality of the cuisine, which naturally uses excellent oils. Trussardi alla Scala The Trussardi alla Scala restaurant serves Italian and French cuisine with a creative approach. All the splendor of the dishes can be tasted in a spacious modern room overlooking the legendary theater. Contraste 1 Michelin star for Contraste, located in Via Meda, 2. It serves very creative Italian cuisine inspired by tradition. The environment is very elegant and refined, characterized by the white tone of the interior and the legendary red chandelier in the middle of the room. Essenza Among the restaurants that have made it to the list of Michelin restaurants in Milan is Essenza, which has been awarded 1 Michelin star. It is located in Via Marghera 34. It is an elegant place in a modern style, with designer furniture, large windows and paintings. Berton Located in the modern district of Porta Nuova, the Berton restaurant stands out for its modern yet simple cuisine, where the taste of the ingredients is easily recognizable. On the menu of this restaurant, which has been awarded 1 Michelin star, a special place is given to the broth, which is simply excellent. Innocenti evasioni Among our selection of Michelin restaurants in Milan, the Innocenti evasioni in via Vindellina is one of those that have been awarded a Michelin star. This place will enchant you with its interior and atmosphere. This elegant restaurant is located in the enchanting context of old Milan, overlooking the lush garden thanks to the large windows, an irresistible combination of styles and flavors, in addition to the original seasonal offerings by the creative chefs Eros Picco and Tommaso Arrigoni. Armani Ristorante If you’re looking for a restaurant with a breathtaking view among Milan’s Michelin-starred restaurants, Armani on Via Manzoni is the place to be. Here you will be welcomed in a luxurious and refined environment, where you can taste gourmet dishes that combine the flavors of Italian and international cuisine, while admiring the fabulous views of Milan through the large windows. Alice Eataly Smeraldo Opened in 2017 after moving to Piazza XXV Aprile (Piazza 25 April) in 2014, Alice Eataly Smeraldo is also on our list of Michelin restaurants in Milan. The fresh and welcoming interior combined with the creative cuisine of Viviana Varese will delight you. You should also try the wine from the cellar of Sandro Cicirello. Lume For the second year in a row, Lume, on Via Watt, is one of the 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan. The restaurant’s spacious, industrial archaeology-style interior immediately catches the eye. But the main attraction is undoubtedly Luigi Taglienti’s cuisine. He blends the originality of Ligurian and Lombard traditions with his own creativity. Felix Lo Basso On the list of “Michelin restaurants in Milan”, Felix Lo Basso has one Michelin star. Here, in this modern and stylish restaurant, located on the top floor of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele with a beautiful view of the spires of the Duomo, the chef Felice Lo Basso, who comes from Puglia, will surprise you with his creative cuisine and colorful dishes. Saddler A real shot in the heart for lovers of the Sadler restaurant on Via Ascanio Sforza: this year the restaurant lost one of the two Michelin stars it had and now only has one Michelin star. Sadler has a comfortable and stylish interior. Here you can taste mainly seafood dishes with some lyrical vegetarian touches. In conclusion to Michelin star restaurants Milan Of course you can read or hear 100 times, but it’s better to see this beautiful city once. And to taste delicious Italian dishes with our best team.

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palazzo lombardia milano

Palazzo Lombardia Milano

Finally, we did it! We made our way up to the terrace of Palazzo Lombardia Milano and got to see the city from above. It’s quite an achievement, considering that the authorities decided to open the 39th floor of the building to the public. Let me tell you, the view from up here is absolutely breathtaking.On the day we visited, the weather wasn’t too clear, but you might have better luck. When the sky is clear, you can feast your eyes on almost the entire city of Milan. From the magnificent Cathedral to the iconic San Siro stadium, from the towering Unicredit skyscraper to the majestic Alps in the distance, this view is unlike any other you’ll find elsewhere. If you’re interested in visiting, make sure to plan your trip on a Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm. You can reach the palace easily by taking the metro green line to Gioia station. Once you arrive, just hop on the escalator and head up. The best part? Admission is completely free, and there’s no need to book in advance.While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the “Art Columns” room on the lower level of the palace. It showcases works by emerging artists and is definitely worth a visit. And after you’ve taken in the stunning views and admired the art, treat yourself to a leisurely stroll around the charming Isola neighborhood.   Palazzo Lombardia Milano   You’ll find Palazzo Lombardia Milano located at the corner of Piazza Citta di Lombardia and Via Restelli.   Remember, it’s only open on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm, so plan your visit accordingly.   Trust me, no matter how many times you hear or read about it, nothing compares to experiencing the beauty of this place firsthand. Join our positive team and witness the splendor of Palazzo Lombardia Milano for yourself.

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By contacting us, you save energy, time and money, get complete and accurate information about moving and living in Italy, preparation processes, consultation on documents and increase your chances of successful relocation.

Frequently asked questions

It is not necessary to know Italian to enter the country. Knowledge of English can help at first. But for a complete immersion and later obtaining a permanent residence permit, knowledge of the language is a must. For this purpose, there are educational courses from ITALIATUT.

In order to get a job in Italy, you need a permit. Before you plan to move to Italy, be sure to think about what specialty will suit you, and then you need to find an employer. Only after discussing the terms and conditions with the employer will you be able to work legally.

It is worth consulting a professional first if you are not sure about the documents or what awaits you in Italy. Our specialist will explain all the peculiarities of the country and tell you about the documents to be filled out

Italy has a huge number of benefits and additional opportunities. For tourists, Italy may seem expensive, but Italy has a high standard of living. Therefore, studying and working in Italy, you will not feel that you are limiting yourself

Obtaining a residence permit is a rather laborious process. Many people encounter problems in obtaining documents for various reasons. For this, it is important to turn to professionals in time, who will derive the ideal formula for you. Thanks to the work of ITALIATUT, obtaining a residence permit takes place without the involvement of the client.

You don’t have to be in Italy at the time of selection to choose a place. You can entrust the work to ITALIATUT. In a short time with a specialist you will determine the budget, the desired city and location, and then it remains only to buy and enjoy the choice.

Psychologists call moving one of the most difficult stages of a person. Therefore, it is important to turn to professionals who will make the move easy. And you should immediately find out about all the nuances and gradually get used to the new situation

For customers or cooperation we have a chat room on the site, where you can describe your problem or proposal to the manager. Also write in a convenient messenger or leave a request by email.

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