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guided tour Milan

Guided tour Milan

You are accustomed to hearing that Milan is all about fashion shows and unparalleled shopping. Of course, that's true, but do you really think that there's nothing to see in this city besides shops? I don't believe that, or rather, I know for sure that it's not the case. A guided tour Milan will reveal to you the centuries-old history of Italian people, their traditions, culture, and the real Italian life with all its pros and cons.

Secret Milan

Not its glamorous side, but the simplicity and everyday life. I invite you to take an interesting walk through the unusual Milan. Let's call it 'Secret Milan.' A guided tour Milan will help you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this city, feel its mood, and observe its residents. I have been living in Milan for a decade now, and I can confidently say that I fell in love with it at first sight. I will convey this feeling to you by introducing you to its life.

Unique Milan

Milan is a unique city that leaves no one indifferent. Here, everyone will find something that meets their interests. Fashion and shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the stores and shopping, history lovers will appreciate the landmarks and historical sites, and those who love contemporary art and architecture will be thrilled by the modern buildings and exhibitions in the Liberty and Modern styles. It's a multicultural city where cultures, traditions, and religions of many nations intertwine.

What to expect from a guided tour Milan

Landmarks of Milan

We suggest meeting in the heart of Milan at Piazza del Duomo and starting our journey from there. We will visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Sforza Castle, Arches of Milan, Brera Art Gallery, La Scala Theater, and San Lorenzo Columns.

And these local bars...

Here, you won't be greeted by polished waiters in white shirts. The bar owner, well-known to the local residents, pouring coffee and beer from behind the counter, elderly Italians lazily sitting at tables, discussing the latest news in politics and football... And that Italian speech mixed with Milanese dialect! Rest assured, here you will hardly find someone who can communicate fluently with you in English. This is the real Milan, the true Italy with its unique culture.

Milan neighborhoods

We will tell you about local traditions, customs, way of life, and the mentality of Milanese people. We will try the most 'Milanese' dishes and learn about the history of this wonderful city. In addition, you will see the historical center (Centro storico), the Fashion District (Quadrilatero della Moda), the youthful district of Darsena (Darsena), the innovative Isola district (Isola), and take a walk in the Navigli district (Navigli). These are the areas where Milanese people themselves often relax.

Guided tour Milan

We will take you through small and non-touristic streets. Remember those old movies: clotheslines stretched from window to window, laundry hanging, shutters on windows, flowers on balconies and terraces, the ringing voices of Italian women passionately discussing something in an inner courtyard.

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Guided tour Milan

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