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On this page, you will learn about our achievements during our time as Italy's premier company.
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Our Story

My name is Elizaveta Evlonskaya, and I am the founder of one of the best concierge services in Italy, Italiatut! I am delighted to welcome you to this website, which is surely beneficial for everyone interested in Italy.

 I would like to start with a brief introduction. I want to share with you my first impression of Italy because I, too, once came here for the first time and realized that Italy is my love for life.

The Beginning of the Story

It all started in 2009 when I, a student at the Economics Faculty of BrSU named after A.S. Pushkin decided to emigrate to Italy. Due to the absence of qualified sources that could assist me in this challenging process, I had to pursue my goal independently. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of information about this beautiful country on the internet, difficulties arose at every step. I lacked personal experience and faced several differences between nationalities: in mentality, lifestyle, business practices, education, and language.

Despite the challenges, Italy became my second homeland, and Milan became the city where I obtained a second degree in “Marketing, Corporate Communications, and International Markets.” Over the 12 years of living, studying, and working in Italy, I gained experience in various fields, knowledge, expertise, and valuable friendships.

Having experienced the difficulties of adapting to a new country without external assistance, I realized the importance of providing support to foreign guests and immigrants in Italy. That’s why 7 years ago, the idea of creating a company that would accompany and assist them in their interactions with the country and alleviate most of their concerns came to fruition.

I hope that this website and the services of my consulting center, “ITALIATUT,” will be useful to you. I created this project with passion, aiming to make your stay, education, life, or business in Italy more straightforward, yet no less effective.


Перезд в Италию на ПМЖ
Students enrolled in Italian universities
Immigrants moved to Italy
Students mastered the Italian language
Excursions conducted
Tours designed
Residence permits processed

Our Team Employees who are ready to help you with any questions every day.

Elizaveta Evlonskaya

Founder and CEO

Marina Gavrilenko

Sales Department

Elizaveta Signevich

Customer Care

Daniil Chernyakov

Technical Specialist

Margrita Tuchkova


Andrey Demidenko


Anastasia Obikhod

Customer Relations

Valentina Adamenko

Legal Department

I firmly believe that a foreign country can hold untold beauty, even if it remains unfamiliar to you. It all hinges on your willingness to embrace it, fearlessly explore, and create your own enchanting world in Italy.

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